About Us

Our Goal

SoliDive is a non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the impoverished communities by creating dive centers based on solidarity economy, the promotion of sustainable tourism and the protection of the environment.

What we do

- Develop local economies by creating stable jobs and promoting access to the labor market especially for women, disadvantaged and/or at risk social groups, training them in those skills needed to be able to self mange the projects and therefore ensure their sustainability.

- Promote equity among participants in the activities of the organization.

- Ensure each staff member decent working conditions and fair salaries.

- Encourage members’ personal development and ensure their role in the decision making processes as a part of a democratic and participatory structure.

- Promote cooperation with public and private institutions as well as with local, national and international individuals to develop cooperation programs, research and environmental protection projects and awareness raising activities.

- Foster networking and community involvement to develop an alternative and sustainable socioeconomic model that promotes a social market.

- Sensitize and inform about the injustices that the economic system perpetuates both in the developed and impoverished countries.

- Promote volunteerism as a participatory model for partners and members.


In the future we intend to build an International Network of Solidarity Diving Centers, that will offer the opportunity to dive around the world while enjoying a new way of sustainable travelling which is friendly with the environment and benefits the local economy in the impoverished communities.

SoliDive is part of REAS (Alternative and Social Economy Network) as a guarantee and commitment with the Solidarity Economy (www.economiasolidaria.org).